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Cosmetic Periodontics – Lincoln, NE

Creating Balanced, Beautiful Grins

Most people think of whitening their teeth or hiding unsightly cracks when it comes to enhancing their smile, but in some cases it might be the gums that need attention. An excessive amount of gum tissue can hide large parts of the teeth, making them appear shorter than they should. To fix this, Drs. Rutledge, Le, Bradley, and Killeen can offer cosmetic procedures to even the gum line and sculpt a gleaming grin. Get in touch with Pioneer Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today to learn more about cosmetic periodontics in Lincoln, NE!

Woman with beautiful smile after cosmetic periodontics

Why Choose Pioneer Periodontics & Implant Dentistry for Cosmetic Periodontics?

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Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Woman looking at smile after cosmetic periodontal surgery

Cosmetic periodontal surgery is usually performed with the goal of giving your teeth and gums a balanced, natural appearance. This could mean removing soft tissue to expose more of the enamel. In other cases, we may need to add gum tissue to hide tooth roots and reverse gum recession. Naturally, the approach we take depends entirely on your unique case, and we’ll only move forward after performing a thorough examination and exploring all your options.

Gum Grafting

Woman pointing to smile after gum grafting

Gum recession doesn’t just leave the teeth looking longer than normal; it also leaves the roots unprotected against the bacteria and acids that could create cavities. Gum grafting can be used to rebuild lost gum tissue by transplanting healthy tissue from a different area of your mouth to protect the tooth and restore overall balance. This procedure is considered both safe and reliable, and there are various grafting techniques that can be employed.

Learn More About Gum Grafting

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening & Recontouring

Woman with gorgeous smile after aesthetic crown lengthening and gum recontouring

If you have what’s called a “gummy smile”, the solution is very simple: reshape the gum line and expose more of the natural tooth as needed. This is called gum recontouring. Crown lengthening is a very similar process, but it’s usually performed to make room for a new dental crown. Both procedures have health benefits as well; excessive gum tissues can make it difficult to brush and floss well, but once the gum line has been reshaped it will be much easier to practice good oral hygiene.

Perio Plastic Surgery

Man and woman showing off smiles after period plastic surgery

Are you thinking that your gums are getting in the way of an attractive smile? You can schedule a consultation with us to explain your goals and explore your different treatment options. Periodontal plastic surgery can have many uses and can improve oral function as well as aesthetics under the right circumstances. Whether you have too much gum tissue or too little, Drs. Rutledge, Le, Bradley, and Killeen can work with it to create a better frame for your teeth.